I am a network administrator for a small community college and have been working in this field since 2010. I also do a little bit of computer maintenance with my side business. What this means in real terms is that I have been doing this long enough to be considered and expert but not long enough to feel like an expert. I have met quite few individuals who seem to have a deep knowledge of all things networking, but my education has been more “deep end” than “deep.” In spite of this, I have enjoyed my time in the world of networking and feel less ignorant with each passing year.

Given my dubious pedigree, you may wonder why you should bother with this site. I wonder too. This site is really just a dumping ground for little bits of information I pick up and need to keep track of. If that helps you, I am happy.

Feel free to comment on anything you find. There are always (it seems) five ways to do any task and my way may not be the best. What I put in the site pages is simply what worked for me and my blogs will be about experiences that I have had.

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